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What You'll Get in this Digital Online Course:
  •  Step-by-Step Guide to Making Lifestyle Changes Created by an ER Doctor (who still finds time to workout & eat healthy with 24-hour shifts)
  •  Access to over 50 instructional videos guiding you through the dietary, fitness and strength training philosophies of The Fitness Response, and the Following Downloadable Digital assets to guide and Direct Your Success:
  •  Easy Ways to Strategically Eat to Optimize Your Nutrition, Exercise, & Sleep
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  •  Living the Fitness Response: 14-Point Jumpstart to Success Manual
  •  Living the Fitness Response 21-Day Workbook 
  •   Living the Fitness Response 98-Day Personal Journey
  • Private Facebook Group to Keep You Motivated and Inspire Others in Similar Shoes
  •  BONUS: Access to My Personal 'Lifeline Abdominal Transformation Video'...Showing You What I Did to Lose Weight and Reach a Personal Goal Weight, Consistent With My High School Football Days!
What is the 'Living' The Fitness Response'
Digital Transformation Program...
I want to take you through the next 90 days and show you how to change your body and how to be more accountable to yourself! Forget about dieting. You're going to learn to eat more frequently, but in a manner that helps you control your appetite WITHOUT starving yourself.  

I'm going to show you how to target 7 specific groups of muscles to achieve toned and sculpted arms, legs, chest,  shoulder...and abs!

This is NOT just a weight-loss program...I want you to understand what's required to get the body to change and adapt. I want to teach you what the Pros know about shaping the body and maintaining those changes as long as you desire. can take control of your physical body.  You just need to know how.

Do you want abs? I'll  show you to become leaner and reduce fat around your mid-section. 

Many people talk about "Low-T" but I'm going explain how "Low C" may be your real enemy. 

You'll learn how to stoke your metabolism and optimize your body's fat and calorie-burning capacity. And, you'll learn how to stop BLAMING your thyroid or other hormones for your inability to lose weight.

I'll show you strategies I use to simplify diet trends like 'keto' and 'intermittent fasting' to increase your success. 

And, most of all, I'll be your guide towards your early success and help you achieve the momentum needed to help you succeed and reach your goals.

I want to show you what's possible in the comfort of your home or apartment...even with limited amount of space and equipment.
About the Program:
  • Who Can Join? This program is open to both men and women - anyone who's driven and committed to making a lifestyle change. 
  •  How Long? This is a 90-day program.
  •  What's in it for You? If You're Ready to Find Your Inner Beach-body...This is For You! 
  •  What Will Gain? This program is about Transforming YOUR Body, Feeling Great About Yourself and Looking Better than You Have In a Long Time.
Does This Work? Yes. I'm Living Proof.
At the age of 50, I lost 30lbs -- the weight I gained since 
my medical training days....
At the age of 50, I lost 30-lbs that I'd carried since my medical training days.  
I personally utilize the principles of 'The Fitness Response' daily and have lost 30-pounds...twice over the past 8 years to maintain a weight consistent with my high school football days.

I remember how tired and lethargic I felt and how much effort it seemed to take just to bend over and tie my shoes back then!

A few years later, my wife and I were forced to close a business that we both truly loved.  We were devastated and it took a toll on both of us, mentally and physically. In fact, I ended up gaining back the weight I'd originally lost, as we went about regrouping and starting over.

Why did I regain the weight?

Over the first few years following closure of our business, I stopped exercising and eating the way I knew I should.

It really came down to stress.  Maybe you've been there too. For my wife and I, closing our business was really very difficult, emotionally.

We loved our clients and loved that we were making a real difference in their lives.

So when the recession rolled in and gave us a kick in the teeth, I went into hibernation mode like a big ol' bear and the weight just crept upon me.

In fact, many people gain weight like that.

  It's not their fault and it's not YOUR fault either...because weight-gain is usually insidious in nature. 

It sneaks up on us, especially when we're overwhelmed with stress or trouble enters our lives.
Fortunately, I was able to turn things around and get back
 to a more ideal version of myself.
Here I am Now at 58...and just a few years shy of 60!

When I finally got serious and implemented the steps that I've always known would get me back to a healthy weight...I noticed a few things I'd forgotten.  

Three primary things got better...simply because I lost weight.

* First, as you might expect, my energy level markedly improved.

*Secondly, my creativity and mental clarity got better...

*And thirdly, my back, knees and right hip which had bothered my for several years, began to hurt less and less with each pound that I lost.

Fortunately, I understand this process better than most people.

In fact, I've helped over 1000 men and women lose weight and change their bodies, so it wasn't a huge stretch for me to start doing what I knew I needed to do.

I've written about fitness for some of the country's top publications...

But the fact is, I'm fallible and human just like you, and sometimes we all get off track.

But one of my strengths is that I know what it takes to change and transform the human body

So, if you're struggling with your weight right now and don't like the way you look or feel...
I want to help you if you'll let me.

Living the Fitness Response is a program that will teach you what you Really need to know to change and transform your body.  If you want to know how the 'pros' make it happen...I can teach you how.

In Fact...You're Just One Click Away From Getting the Body You Love & Deserve...

...This process works...and is reliable for those who follow it's principles and put in the time and effort required to succeed.

...To bring 'Living The Fitness Response' to a larger audience...and we need your participation!

Share your results with any of your friends who might benefit from a 'fitness-based program,' to lose weight and transform their physique.

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